Determining Windows uptime

2014-07-15 | Martin Hoppenheit | 1 min read

The uptime of a Windows machine can be found on the “Performance” tab of the Windows Task Manager. To get the system startup time you have to resort to the command line.

Use one of the following commands:

net stats srv
net statistics server
net statistics workstation

(The first one being obviously the shortest to type.) This will print some statistics including the system startup time in the line beginning with “Statistics since …”.

If you have PowerShell with the Community Extensions module installed you should absolutely use the Get-Uptime commandlet which prints the uptime as well as the startup time with one single command:

PS> Get-Uptime
Uptime                         LastBootUpTime
------                         --------------
02:27:26.4306726               23.03.2015 07:53:51

On Linux you can use the uptime command to get the the uptime and who -b for the startup time.